Renting a garage

We have garages to let across Nottingham. 

We have garages across the city for our residents to rent, costing from as little as £10.85 per week.

A garage is for your personal use, you mustn't run a business from it, and you mustn't store flammable liquids in it (other than what’s in your vehicle's petrol tank!).

If you’d like to rent a garage click on the button below to complete an online application form. If you require a paper copy please call us on 0115 7469 555. 

Please be aware that not all empty garages are ready to let, some may need repairs or improvement works, some maybe due for demolition or are on offer to someone else.

Application form

Once your application is registered
We will send you confirmation of registration along with information on waiting times and availability in your area of choice.

When a suitable garage becomes available
We will send you an offer letter and arrange an appointment to view the garage. If you decide to accept the offer, an appointment will be arranged to sign the rental agreement. 

You will need to bring with you:

  • two forms of identification (such as a photo driving licence, a passport, or bills addressed to you at your home)
  • a £40 deposit (which you will get back at when you stop renting your garage providing it’s left in good repair and your rent’s been paid in full)
  • your bank details, if you want to pay by direct debit.

Paying your rent
Rent for your garage is payable monthly. The best way to pay is by direct debit.

Ending your garage tenancy
If you want to stop renting your garage, you will be required to give one week’s written notice. The notice will be effective from the earliest Monday and will end on a Sunday.

If your garage needs a repair, please let us know. Remember to give us the full address of the garage. 

Garage locations

We have garage sites across the City of Nottingham. Click into the map below to find where we currently anticipate garages are likely to be available. Bear in mind that this is subject to change at any time. Not all empty garages are ready to let, some may need repairs or improvement works and some maybe due for demolition. Some garages listed maybe on offer to other applicants

Due to the high demand for garages we will contact you when we have a garage ready to let.